Sages have long known

the danger of words,

of mistaking finger

for moon.

But a few words,

with imagination,

can paint a thousand pictures

in a thousand minds.


Creation is no one-sided thing:

children give birth to parents,

plants nourish the earth,

and the sculptor’s clay pushes back.

When sentences come together,

words shape the mind

as much as mind

chooses words.

Chicken or the Egg

Permutations of borrowed words

in search of meaning

or meaning

in search of shared symbols?


By all means create your models—

words, images, theories, poems—

but never make the mistake of thinking

you’ve come even close

to capturing it.


A good poem

lives and breathes,

has a personality,

demands respect.

Returning to a poem

after a while

is like meeting an old friend

almost forgotten.

Grace and Truth

With the same intent,

humans reverse the God trick—

turn flesh into word.

Inside Out

Through guarded chinks and

surreptitious tapping, I send

evidence of myself, hoping

against hope to be wooed

broadside into the sun.

Scatological Simile

(Annoying Alliteration)

(Pissing Poems)

Like dogs on a tree,

I leave my distinctive scent

to mark who’s been here.

Fly Fishing

When spring’s muse comes,

you put on your hip boots

and wade in the water.

You select an image carefully

(preferably one you tied yourself):

imitative—metaphor, personification—

or attractive—alliteration, rhyme, or meter—

then cast the line so it lands

sometimes on the surface,

sometimes submerged,

but always, you hope,

like a real one.

And if you’re lucky,

you catch some.

Catch and release.